A hum so faint resounds throughout,
Creation springs to call,
Two lights up high, one day, one night,
Shake hands at dusk and dawn,
Louder yet it bounds, and steps,
A mountain sprouts so tall,
The winds do rush, as waters gush,
And tides crash down and fall,
Land leaps fourth between the seas,
And Earth appears to form,
A scent so fresh, so living free,
Such light, such love, such warmth,
Such joyous times can now be had,
As life begins to spawn,
The birds they sing, the fish they swim,
The lions roam and roar,
Man is born, beholds his land,
Imagines more and more,
His will be done, thy Kingdom come,
Or all is lost to war,
The savage greed, undying need,
For power, scoring scores,
Gluttonous stench unleashed abound,
Green eyes leave minds so sore,
Blind to light, now held by dark,
The land now lusts for law,
Our pride takes helm as sloth does sell,
The beast begins to claw,
Our wrath unchained, so few remain,
To see the world reborn,
So full of pain, and woe is me,
A life was once abhorred,
And now I sit, and reminisce,
And think of all I saw,
The tallest trees adorned with green,
Now lifeless stumps, no more,
The oceans blue, that shimmering streak,
Now dried, and barron, and warn,
What once flourished now is lost,
Pandoras life was scorn,
But still remains within the box,
A glimmer of light so warm,
I keep this light when all is gone,
I carry it through the storm,
I hope this light will see the day,
When hearts and minds transform,
I hope this light will see the day,
Or else what’s left to mourn.

-Kyle Keating

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